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​I have moved, can you send order to my new address?
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   If the order has not been shipped when you are moving, please let us know ASAP. We will send the package to the new address

   However, if the order has ALREADY been shipped, and you ask us to forward the package, we cannot do any thing. We have no control over how the package should be delivered 

The best solution would be you make a call to local post office and ask them change to your new place or make a phone to you when reached your city. Then should be able to receive the package at your new address without any problem. In future if you place any orders, please use your updated address. 

   If you have selected ground shipping, please make sure your shipping address will be valid for at least 3 months

   Otherwise, we will not be responsible for the lost or missed package. Once the package is sent out, we have no way of redirecting the delivery of the package. So please make sure the correctness and validness of your address for 3 months

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(same account as Whatsapp@Wechat)
• Skype: peter_yin86@hotmail.com
• E-mail: peter_yin86@minimoqpackaging.com
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